Ever wonder what your life would be like if you were a hard drug dealer?

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  • well wouldn't be able to see/respond to this in jail

    CJ Casey Saari posted

  • Yes...until I met an individual who lived that life...then I felt like Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect and think..."mmm...better not..."

    Stephanie Harper posted

  • Nope.

    Matthew Page posted

  • I'd drive a Range Rover 😁

    Julien Duhautois posted

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  • too much work

    brianholcomb posted

  • These rappers make it sound pretty cool tho

    broox posted

  • no way it's a logistics nightmare

    brianholcomb posted

  • @brianholcomb @broox So much money laundering

    iandees posted

  • Define hard

    ThriftedWisdom posted

  • I really just want to be able to relate to rap music a bit better

    broox posted

  • Totally thought about it. Ive even known a few dealers in the past. The thing for me is the constant fear of…

    skabaru posted

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