The way the Des Moines area trick-or-treats still weirds me out.. kids walk around and tell jokes for candy... the day before Halloween.

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  • It’s weird but I’m totally for the joke’s super cute haha

    Karen Weiss posted

  • that does sound super weird

    Bill Thruman posted

  • Agree. Why is that the one place they never do it on Halloween?! I thought that was just standard until I moved around and, seemingly everryyyywhere else is Halloween night as should be

    Dustin Iverson posted

  • Nope.

    Alex Bissen posted

  • Yeah, as a parent this joke telling shit has got to go. It is awkward and turns a 3 second trip into an event.

    Tia O'Brien posted

  • We turned our lights off and went out for Thai food. Happy beggars night! 🙃🎃

    Emma Walsmith posted

  • Kiddo opted for our offer of stam chocolate rather than going out in the cold.

    Jon Thompson posted

  • Wait?!? Seriously? I have never ever in my life heard of such weirdness on Halloween. Are the jokes good atleast?

    Chadd Maze Kreofsky posted

  • "Why did the golf player have two pairs of jeans?.......In case he got a hole in one." Was one of the jokes that pierced my earlobe tonight.

    Michael C. Brook posted

  • Really?

    Scarlet Behrens posted

  • What do you call a guy on the side of the road with his hands up a horses ass?

    Phil Enright posted

  • Question: What is Donald Trump's favorite nation?

    Answer: Discrimination


    Derian Baugh posted

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  • so what do they do on.. Halloween?

    theP_A_U_L posted

  • Are they any good? I’d consider withholding from kids that don’t even try to have some decent material

    RyanK posted

  • Worst tradition.

    aeongrey posted

  • What's a cats favorite song?
    Three blind mice

    broox posted

  • Sit at home I guess.

    broox posted

  • Ha! Much better then asking kids what their costume is, awkwardly giving compliments while throwing candy at…

    RyanK posted

  • Cultural traditions are really weird if you think about them objectively at all. None of them really make much sense today.

    RyanK posted

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