People who got phones without headphone jacks... What'd you end up doing? New wired headphones? Dongles? Bluetooth?

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  • I got some Bluetooth headphones. A cheap pair for walking around, an expensive pair for my desk (which I guess isn't just for my phone, haha)

    Nick Leeper posted

  • Formerly dongle life for me but just got a pair of AirPods and also got a new Bluetooth headband to modify my AIAIAI headphones. If you have the TMA-2’s, you can just swap out headbands.

    Alexander Grgurich posted

  • Bluetooth all the way.

    Joe Ogrin posted

  • You do whatever you want. I just like saying 'dongle'.

    Brian Vaughan posted

  • I end up forgetting and being disappointed each time I go to plug in my headphones.

    Ben McDougal posted

  • donglez

    Robert Tolar Haining posted

  • wires? that's so 20th century. like cds/dvds/bluray. How quaint.

    Christian Renaud posted

  • that AirPod life

    Jeffrey Kalmikoff posted

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  • All roads eventually lead to wireless headphones.

    ejacqui posted

  • Dangit

    broox posted

  • Bose QC35, bluetooth. usually works well and sounds great except when in noisy 2.4GHz environment like Denve…

    iandees posted

  • I've been rocking the Samsung wireless neck boomerang style ones for about a year & I love em. Took a min to…

    skabaru posted

  • I still don’t understand why this is an issue. You get a dongle in the box for all other hphones and new hea…

    vandenbond posted

  • With iPhones at least 📱

    vandenbond posted

  • Because a dongle is just another point of failure and annoying to keep track of?

    broox posted

  • Dongle just stays on my nice headphones

    vandenbond posted

  • Dongle for me, I like my Shure e3's

    imsplitbit posted

  • dongle for regular use, bluetooth for on the go.

    brianholcomb posted

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