Are there any good Christmas movies?

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  • Diehard!

    Michael Burke posted

  • All of them

    Tia O'Brien posted

  • Home Alone.

    Chelsea Pusc posted

  • Christmas Vacation

    Joe Ogrin posted

  • A Christmas Story and Elf are my favorites.

    Michelle Inez Pohlmeyer posted

  • Krampus is worth a watch for something a little different.

    Adam Lewis posted

  • If not, you should make one 😀

    Julien Duhautois posted

  • Die Hard

    Catherine Bracy posted

  • Diehard (1 and 2) and Krampus get my vote.

    Aaron Taraboletti posted

  • Elf

    Lynette Jardine posted

  • Elf

    Dana Joel Nicholson posted

  • The Ice Harvest

    Ladnar Vanz posted

  • Not according to Matthew!

    Vicki Brooks Terronez posted

  • Butt City is pretty good.

    Mitchell Pilon posted

  • Office Christmas Party is pretty funny if you are looking for a more recent flick. Otherwise National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is a classic.

    Manni Balignasay posted

  • Tie between bad Santa and gremlins

    Mike Tilford posted

  • bad santa (the first one)

    Turner Hyphen Ford posted

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  • The bill Murray one from Netflix last year, directed by Sofia Coppola. Elf. Die Hard.

    tolar posted

  • @tolar @broox The Ref with Denis Leary

    zackshp posted

  • Scrooged

    dollcraftcraig posted

  • Die Hard

    RyanK posted

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