There's nothing worse than building something and having it turn out shitty.

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  • I'm so use to it I consider it the standard!

    Dave Boyd posted

  • High standards are a double edged sword

    Leo Ziebol posted

  • How’s that coat rack coming along?

    Caleb Harrelson posted

  • The coat rack is turning out to be a pretty good test for a much larger project that I planned to finish the same way, ha. I had some pretty finicky stain that was tricky to get uniform around the dowels, but I eventually got it to a spot I was happy with... Then, when I brushed on the poly, 24 hours later, it reactivated the stain a bit and blotched it all up. Blah. Shoulda sprayed it.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • At least you tried!

    Adam Cooney posted

  • Cutting political commentary...!

    Anderson Muth posted

  • Sounds like what my parents say about me.

    Joe Ogrin posted

  • Burn it.

    Craig O'Brien posted

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  • Never building anything. Or always building and never finishing.

    RyanK posted

  • 🙂

    broox posted

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