Is anyone building dynamic personal web sites these days? If so, where are you hosting? What languages and framewor…

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  • @broox @harper I’m looking at redesigning mine, mainly adding a Jekyll based blog along with the DJ set pages it’s…

    DanAncona posted

  • Check out the recent #newwwyear hashtag. Lots of inspiration!

    thejimbirch posted

  • i still have an ancient DreamHost account that I was thinking of using (they will run Python or Ruby through…

    iandees posted

  • @iandees @broox If you have any questions about the services we offer, let us know! -LV

    DreamHostCare posted

  • yea, i'm on liquid web (formerly Rackspace Cloud, and before that Mosso). running old school PHP + jQuery,…

    broox posted

  • I've been playing with Python+Flask on Lambda using Zappa. It might be worth a try.

    iandees posted

  • Srsly, your site is terribly old. I find Digital Ocean is top notch for full on hosting. Get tricky and buil…

    kinsteronline posted

  • @kinsteronline @broox Also take a look at Lightsail

    leozh posted

  • That's kinda the route I wanna go. Client side app with node/python APIs.

    broox posted

  • @iandees @broox if you like flask, you might also like chalice

    little more directly “baked” for lambda/api gateway.

    EWDurbin posted

  • I recently moved mine to the free tier of Google Cloud Platform, Compute Engine - so basically a VPS (App En…

    mikeyroy posted

  • @iandees @broox Just remember, you're still hosting some stuff for me on that ancient dreamhost account! ;-)


    awildenberg posted

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