USPS offices are a scam, man.

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  • Explain.

    Mitchell Pilon posted

  • You need a 6 inch piece of tape for your package and they make you buy a 25 yard roll.

    You need a label for your package, instead of printing out the whole label with the tracking number, address, etc, they make you buy an address label to stick in between the other labels that they print out.

    ... but luckily they didn't make me also buy a pen to fill out the address label.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Rookie.

    Jonathon Smithson posted

  • I go to hyvee to mail anything. They tape it up for me and everything. USPS I had the same experience as you. Buy $2 tape for $5. It’s like a mail convenience store.

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

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