I am drinking a tall boy of Busch light in a country music bar called PBR Country.

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  • Winning!! Hahaha

    Michael Burns posted

  • As soon as we walked in, I was like, dudes, let's just punch someone and leave ... but then someone handed us all tallboys.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Doesn’t get much more Iowa than tallboys of Busch light in a country bar!! #jealous

    As Df posted

  • This was the best of ideas

    Nick Leeper posted

  • #america

    Travis Webb posted

  • Hell that sounds like Hillsdale it sucks or Port Byron

    Kurt Lecleir posted

  • Don’t act shocked you’re from PB

    Chris Coffey posted

  • I’m a little jealous I wasn’t with you with my baby rat tail

    Nathan Deutmeyer posted

  • That's really neat!

    Mitchell Pilon posted

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