I'm a little ashamed that I dragged this project out for 2 years... but I finally finished building my handrail. Ph…

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  • wow, that looks great! the closeups of the joints are impressive. i can see why it's taken so long.

    iandees posted

  • Dude, nice work, looks good.

    taylorlecroy posted

  • Holy shit, you’ve lived there two years?!

    tolar posted

  • Thanks!

    broox posted

  • I know it... In 2 weeks, it will have been 2 years

    broox posted

  • Thanks! It was mostly all procrastination on tackling the tricky parts... Once I dug in, it really wasn't that bad.

    broox posted

  • Whoooa

    tolar posted

  • Solid work man, looks fantastic! ^5

    skabaru posted

  • Thx!

    broox posted

  • Great job. Love that look.

    tzsfo posted

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