I'm mostly excited for the Pixel 3 announcement because my <1 year old Pixel 2 is so laggy that it barely works anymore... Frustrating.

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  • That doesn't sound good, Derek. We'd like to chat about this over DM. Please click on the link below to send…

    madebygoogle posted

  • Dude, my pixel 2 XL is also slow... Especially with the camera. By the time the camera opens, the thing you…

    minnis posted

  • When was the last rebuild? I find a factory reset and cache partition wipe goes a long way.... And the reins…

    skabaru posted

  • Dude. Rough. Not sure how different usage is between us. I'm still happy with my Pixel 1 performance.

    JShinbot posted

  • I called google support. They were fairly helpful and may even replace your phone under warranty. Give it a shot!

    broox posted

  • Yea, I thought about rebuilding, but wanted to see what the 3 was all about and if there’s a trade-in program for it.

    broox posted

  • No idea. It may be app related... but it became super apparent around the time I updated to Pie.

    broox posted

  • Hopefully support suggested this, but if doing a factory reset doesn't help then you probably have a shitty…

    iandees posted

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