First flight in 6 months. Boarding group: 4. RIP to my status... but see ya soon, Chicago.

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  • I’m missing everyone this week! Omw to NYC.

    ashinthewindy posted

  • ☹️

    broox posted

  • Being last to board a flight is actually the most gangster way to fly 🛩

    Even in first class, I’ll never und…

    BENovator posted

  • As someone who never checks a bag, I just like to secure an overhead storage spot on the tiny-ass flights out of DM.

    broox posted

  • @BENovator @broox Plus, it would be much more time and fuel efficient to board back to front.

    Abe_Froman_34 posted

  • Same here and you’re right, we do get private jets out of our private airport, haha! Safe travels and let’s…

    BENovator posted

  • RIP a big fart.

    Plainmitch posted

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