gmail + gcal + mac users, do you use the native, macos Mail and Calendar apps with your google accounts? or just use the web versions? Why?

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  • I vaguely remember the calendar app not being able to do some gcal stuff like book rooms or something

    davidcrespo posted

  • @broox @harper I use So technically the web apps. But it feels more native! The native m…

    maltejanosch posted

  • Web gmail app (for the extensions and web-only features like snooze) but desktop iCal app (since it blends b…

    tailormann posted

  • Web, because it’s more seamless between Mac and PC.

    niclake posted

  • @broox @harper macOS client for system notifications and to overlay with other cals. Web for full feature set

    Zeussce posted

  • Native on desktop. All lives on second monitor. Web mostly on laptop.

    fsimmons posted

  • web versions. haven't bothered to set up the mac app integrations and i've not heard good things about them from those that have.

    iandees posted

  • I use web gmail and fantastical for gcal.

    pickledgator posted

  • web, keyboard shortcuts.

    arkmashton posted

  • @broox @harper for multiple Gmail accounts in one app and then the web interface for calendars

    greg5green posted

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