My keyboard just died while closing 1 of my 6,000 Chrome tabs with cmd+W... and then I watched in dismay as my comp…

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  • @broox @harper Command-Shift-T

    BobVosalik posted

  • Did you say 6000 chrome tabs? I didn't know that was possible.

    JustinBrady posted

  • Surprised your memory RAM held up

    frafrii posted

  • Oh that must have been painful. I'm sorry for your loss.

    skabaru posted

  • I mean it was a slight exaggeration

    broox posted

  • Will you be posting funeral information anywhere? I knew your keyboard well. Thots and prayerz.

    Plainmitch posted

  • And I'm being very serious. The tabs are essentially projects in progress.

    skabaru posted

  • @broox @harper


    Tynell posted

  • Oh noooooo

    tolar posted

  • 😢

    Omartheowl posted

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