I literally have no idea why I use Google voice anymore... I don't think it provides any utility?

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  • I still use it for the reason I got it, and the only reason I have ever used it. To give someone my number wā€¦

    Blakeian posted

  • @broox @harper How else would you know the weather in morning. Or how tall actors are?

    Propllrhead posted

  • @Propllrhead @harper Google is bad at naming things, but wrong product, bro

    broox posted

  • I made the mistake of making it my primary

    broox posted

  • @Blakeian @broox Also great for craigslist/marketplace transactions.

    bahnder posted

  • Is it fun to prank people you think?

    MPilonn posted

  • @broox @harper You use it, goog can feel it,
    Come on man just use it ā€” goog

    jasonfesta posted

  • I still use it on my MacBook because the quality is way better than Zoom for me

    andyrosenberger posted

  • @broox @harper I use it a lot. It allows me to use my computer and my nice USB mic (recording quality) for making pā€¦

    tottinge posted

  • @broox @harper Thanks for clarifying bro

    Propllrhead posted

  • @Propllrhead @harper šŸ¤œšŸ¤›

    broox posted

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