Is it weird when people call using the restroom, a bio break? Cause I feel like that is super weird.

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  • yes, yes it is.

    TheLyons posted

  • “Shall we take a 10 minute pause so everyone can poop?” —me, at our next meeting

    geoffwood posted

  • Even weirder if you use the bio break for masturbation.

    2emesouffle posted

  • You could also just call it a 10 minute break and people could either poop or not poop.

    broox posted


    geoffwood posted

  • @broox @geoffwood poop breaks need at least 15 minutes

    abrudtkuhl posted

  • Oh I know. I have the book!

    broox posted


    chadothompson posted

  • we used this phrase when I used to raid in World of Warcraft, but I don't think I've ever heard it in a work context.

    scHarvey posted

  • Sounds like some Heavens Gate shit

    hoff2dev posted

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