I want a home camera system that has both black + white cams, PoE + battery powered cams, dome + wall cams, local +…

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  • It's amazing how bad the camera ecosystem is. Lots of products that do lots of things badly and maybe one thing ok.

    iandees posted

  • Looks like you've got some work to do, get to buildin'

    kinsteronline posted

  • @broox Start a company that does this and make billions 🤷‍♂️.

    Part of the solution: take a gander at @netatmo . L…

    webbc posted

  • Otherwise, Ubiquti

    webbc posted

  • TLDR

    ThriftedWisdom posted

  • @webbc @netatmo neatamo cameras look nice, but no battery / PoE options make it a deal breaker.

    broox posted

  • If unifi offered a battery powered camera and black cases for their cams, this is probably the route I'd go.…

    broox posted

  • Isn’t the lack of local storage the model to maximize profits? The margin on the cameras and software can’t…

    aeongrey posted

  • Yea. I’m fine paying for the cloud storage option, I just want em to still work if the internet goes out,…

    broox posted

  • Develop a contingency system similar to a sump backup.

    aeongrey posted

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