How are democrats so bad at this? How do you not absolutely destroy a piece of trash human like Donald Trump?

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  • I feel like that a question only you can answer

    jameseliason posted

  • 🤔

    broox posted

  • They are boring, and more interested in playing it safe than taking a risk. The strategy is redundant and do…

    aeongrey posted

  • Hope is not a strategy.

    RIOzay posted

  • It'll require at least a day & a bunch of beers to explain its a long story in a few words he represents som…

    rsaer posted

  • the country is harvesting the results of a low budget and non globalized education, simply explain bullshit…

    rsaer posted

  • the problem is not trump or biden the problem is that those are the best they had to offer, but that problem…

    rsaer posted

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