My regional grocery store used to have their own knock-off Mountain Dew that was called Hee-Haw. They’ve apparently…

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  • What drove you to be so upset about this?

    MPilonn posted

  • Gonna climb in my car and go for a Mountain Drive in the traditionally mountainous state of Iowa 🗻

    iandees posted

  • Aw nothin, I was just kiddin

    broox posted

  • Me too

    broox posted

  • Rofl.

    MPilonn posted

  • @broox @harper copyright
    i n f r i / g e m e n t

    landongn posted

  • Is your ass still on?

    broox posted

  • @broox @carlmalamud this is a parallel to the history of the original Dew’s marketing, which was hillbilly before i…

    thetorpedodog posted

  • Yes. Is yours?

    MPilonn posted

  • Hee-Haw was a staple of my childhood. I agree with you that this new fangled version is an abomination.

    burrowsa posted

  • @broox @iandees Amidst the river brooks?

    tolar posted

  • @broox @harper Local soda I remember where I grew up was Dr. Schnee instead of Dr. Pepper.

    WLimestall posted

  • Oh good. Yeah.

    broox posted

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