Our dog died this morning. The past ~13 hours have been hard as shit. I put it all out on my blog:

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  • he was an AWESOME dog.

    RIOzay posted

  • I'm so sorry Derek. Your line about our dogs trusting us with their lives really hit me. I hope you're able…

    cbracy posted

  • So sorry for you and Kari. Sounds like he got a lot of love in his (too) short time with you

    cgansen posted

  • So sorry to hear. Hugs.

    cld276 posted

  • Sorry Derek. 😔💛 Love to you and Kari.

    iandees posted

  • ❤️

    salsus posted

  • That's awful, I'm so sorry.

    derekjGZ posted

  • oh man. what an absolute bummer. sounds like you guys did everything possible to give that dog an awesome li…

    jeffrey posted

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