Straight off the plane from L.A. posted

And I.. am.. ready to... rock.

Alright to finalize the trip... Tuesday night, Kari and I went to a place called "Beauty Bar" in Hollywood. The description we found of it was "80s 'sexwave, proto hair metal, dirty electro sleazy pop.'" Which is obviously a sure shot at a place that I wanted to be. So Beauty Bar had sparkly pink walls, old salon chairs with the hair dryers still on them, lots of beauty artwork, etc. The DJs were really really good (spinning 80s, electronic, etc). Plus, halfway through the night, I saw Chris standing at the end of the bar, haha. So we hung out for a bit, which was cool. ...Umm, fountains of Alize!

Then on Wednesday, Kari and I went back to neighborhoodies to finally get my heartagram stitched onto my shirt and then to Amoeba record store which is insane. Soooooooooooo many records. After that we went to Petersen's car museum, which was a good time. Then we met up with stephanie and Liz and went to the Dodgers / Rockies game which was boring as sin. And lastly we all went to a place called the Short Stop. They had this black and white photo booth that was a lot of fun, hehe.

So today we traveled, got delayed, traveled, got delayed some more, and then traveled again... which sucked. But now I'm home, Kevi's coming tomorrow, 515 Alive is saturday, and I am happy.
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  • sweet, i read this article already, but apparently it has pictures now...

    nick posted

  • who is ChRiS ?

    ? posted

  • Not Bam is back!!!

    r00 posted

  • chris holmes = a dude that i met through harper in chicago

    derek posted

  • I have been looking everywhere for the name of this song that is listed as your headline, straight of the plane from la.. who sings it and what is the name of it? sorry to bother you but I can't find it anywhere, please get back with me. Thanks.

    Matt posted

  • wow, i think you're the first person to notice that this was a song lyric. the song is called "bucci bag" and it's by "andrea doria" the "doria dub mix" is my favorite version of it... definite club material. if you want it on cd along with some other similar/great house music check out this cd "felix da housecat - a bugged out mix"

    derek posted

  • yeah, as with Matt, this is the only reference you can find to that track based on the lyrics.... wicked track though

    Ed posted

  • oh my god i was gonna say who sings that song!!! thanks

    kris posted

  • Thanks SO much for naming the song! I've been looking for it for YEARS!

    Sandy posted

  • ha! here I am in 2021 looking for that TUNE ... Thanks !!!

    Shane posted