Sun Prairie's Snowboard DJ Took an Oil Leak posted

This weekend I was at home again... Friday was a little weird because we found out that someone had broken into Kari's apartment garage and put a different padlock on it. After a ton of calling around, yelling, being lied to, calling the cops, finding bolt cutters, etc - it turned out that Sun Prairie rented out her garage without telling her. This is awesome because Kari still has stuff in there - stuff that we needed this weekend. Sun Prairie Apartments in West Des Moines suck so so bad. Kari and I both have had really bad experiences there. Soon I'm going to buy or something and let everyone know how they do business. Then I will link to it from everywhere, the people will know, and I will win. I've already got a huge amount of content, hehe.

Also on saturday I worked on my car. It was leaking oil pretty bad so I replaced my oil pan gasket. It sorta sucked, you have to take off the exhaust to get the oil pan out. While fixing that I found an anti-freeze leak on this part that I have no idea wtf it is - maybe I can fix that next weekend. After about 4 more weekends at home my car will be cool again, ha.

Sunday My cousin, Anthony, and I built a big ol ramp in my backyard and hit it with the snowboard a lot. It was a lot of fun. We both got pretty good... next weekend I gotta get back to the resort. After snowboarding I had to shoot video and DJ this wedding thing where people renewed their vows. It was pretty neat, except DJing sort of sucked. I told them to provide me with equipment and music. They gave me a DVD player hooked to a sound system. No crossfader, no headphones, and no good music. I mean, the only CDs I knew were Celine Dion, Yanni, Kenny G, and Foreigner. However, there was this wedding reception cd that had Mony Mony on it.

So, Sun Prairie sucks, my car is getting better, snowboarding is fun, and DJing can be sketchy if you don't have your own stuff.


  • I can not believe Sun Prairie would rent a garage twice...I say at the very least they owe you a written apology. What a bunch of rat bastards.

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