Sweet Summer Blues posted

And it all begins - again. I have this love/hate relationship with summer. I love the weather, all the hanging out, skating, traveling, driving, partying, etc. But I hate hate hate how poor I get. And even more so, I hate complaining about how poor I get. It is straight depressing. I owe people money. I come home every day and look at all my projects that I can't afford to finish and just get sad. I spend the few extra dimes I have on hotel rooms and gas. It's retarded.

Today I found the car I've been describing for years. My perfect car. Perfect. A white 98 Automatic Eclipse GSX with less than 50,000 miles. Not owned by a kid, garaged, stock, and taken very well care of. Man. It is seriously soooo rad. It's the first one I've seen like this in a long time. And will probably be one of the last. That model is getting old, the good ones are getting way too rare. I was super super stoked. I sent the link around to all my car buddies, dreamt about all the mods I would do and the care I would take this time around. It was the best 90 minutes of my day for sure.

Then I realized that I have no money for a down payment, actually, I can't afford payments period. I am worrying about all these other b.s. bills that by the time I have money and am ready to play, all my dreams will be gone. Granted, I will have new ones - my originals will be surpassed. It is ridiculous. I have planned this stuff out my whole life and it is crumbling. I am flat out underpaid - so is Kari. Kari is actually underpaid worse than I am.

Ok, enough sadness.

Last weekend we went to Cornell and Cedar Rapids, it was nice. We got to hang out with Lindsey and Erin which was fun. Then we got to watch them graduate. It was nice. Sort of sad that our last good friends are leaving Cornell. I will miss visiting so much. That campus is amazing.

Later Kari's parents took us to this winery in Anamosa with a Bistro attached. It was really nice. Great food. Great wine.

And now we're in Des Moines. I'm working on a lot on side projects (none of which are making money of course). I got www.qcalive.com up. It was pretty fun to make DMA more versatile. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Now I will be able to change some code, dump it to both sites, and BAM... awesomeness2. Nick and I are also trying to finish up this small site that we donated. However, our schedules seem to conflict a lot which makes it hard.

Tonight Chuck and Nathan came over to grill. It was awesome. Great food, great beer. Then we went to Stix for Jared's B-day (on 6.6.6 !!!!!11). It was fairly laid back. I got a sprite from the bar cause I couldn't afford a drink. However, apparently those aren't free so I couldn't even afford the damn sprite, haha. Someone punch my face. Hard.

This weekend: Nebraska, Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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  • you got jacked in the face over a sprite?! haha that sucks. but what made you think it would be free?

    anton posted

  • ...

    /me punches broox's face for stealing his sprite

    nick posted

  • haha. generally bars shouldn't have to charge for pop since all their money is made on alcohol. plus, normally when I am at this particular bar, pop is free.

    i should have just ordered a water, haha.

    i didn't really get jacked in the face... i was telling someone to punch me for my stupidity.

    derek posted