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Until I am done working at Pioneer.

That's right. On Monday this week I put in my 2 week notice at my cushy corporate job. Why?

Back up to a month ago when my promotion (supported by 3 levels of management) was brought forward and then shot down by the director of Information Management. This caused much frustration with the corporate mind state - which I'm not going to get into...
  • Tuesday, Sept 25th: I was informed that my promotion got denied - so I immediately applied for several external jobs and one internal job.
  • Thursday, Oct 18th: I interviewed for a job within Pioneer that would be the same level I was supposed to be promoted to.
  • Friday, Oct 19th: I interviewed for a job at a small (8 employee) web dev company called Red 5.
  • Monday, Oct 22nd: I interviewed for a job working with Harper at Skinnycorp/Threadless in Chicago.
I then had 3 offers on the table and had to make a choice. Skinnycorp didn't work out because I needed to remote from DSM longer than they wanted. So it came down to Pioneer and Red 5. It was a pretty hard decision, which was made even harder when the offer from Red 5 and Pioneer were within $250 of each other.

After much pondering and advice from friends/family (thank you) I accepted the Red 5 position last Friday the 26th.

I'm stoked and definitely ready for the change. Weeeee!

Most everyone at Pioneer has been really cool about this whole situation. It's been funny to see who has taken the time to congratulate me/wish me luck. It was definitely nice to have worked with some good people.... which I'll write more about later - probably when I get all sentimental on my last day or something.


  • congrats

    harper posted

  • Congratulations!!! That's awesome!!!

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  • you shouldn't bother working at all. work is dumm

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  • Congrats Derek. Making a change is hard but usually worth it. Glad you took the leap!

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  • that's super cool. congrats

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