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  • 1403 - Built that shed. Planted those trees.
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  • 1403 - The kitchen cabinet beer bottle collection comes down.
  • 1403 - Packin up! After 11.5 years, we're finally leaving good ol, suburban Ankeny. 14 comments

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Leaving Southeast Rio Drive

Seriously, who in the hell puts an offer on a house when they're 22 years old? ... and then stays in that house for the next 11-12 years? Me, apparently. It was a house on Southeast Rio Drive in Suburban, Ankeny, Iowa, that... read more


Yesterday I put an offer on this house... and they accepted. I move in at the end of September. -2,000 sqft total --1,300 sqft main level --700 finished sqft walkout basement -loft office -fenced back yard -only 5 years old -wood floors -etc Guess I have to film a new cribs episode soon. read more
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