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  • Benny Brooks - This dude just laid here and let me do yoga
  • Benny Brooks - Feels good
  • Benny Brooks - Manny is a good dog. Benny is not
  • Benny Brooks - Ricki is not sure about Benny. Rightfully so
  • Benny Brooks - Family
  • Benny Brooks - Dogs want some pizza

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Benny the Butthole's Short Life

Last night, around midnight, our dog, Benny became pretty restless. He started moving about the bedroom as if he couldn't get comfortable. This was followed by incessant panting and pacing about the house. He'd had a bit of restlessness the night before, so we didn't think anything of it at first. But it kept up for quite a bit, so I tried to think about what was different that day... read more
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Benny's Juicer

So, Kari subscribes to this weird service that sends her random home/beauty/gym stuff every month. A couple weeks ago her package came with a juicer... but we already have a juicer. So she was gonna give it away. The next day, I found the juicer in Benny’s bed, so I asked Kari if she decided to just give it to the dog instead... read more
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