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  • cars - I forgot to pay attention to the weather today ... lil baby smurf sees snow for the first time. 9 comments
  • cars - Bringin lil baby smurf out to play. She's been couped up for a few weeks.
  • cars - A chopped old rod
  • cars - A hood ornament on an old car in the casino
  • cars - An amazingly clean right hand drive Tommy Kaira Skyline
  • cars - Lined up at the afterparty

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Picking up an M-series in Germany

First of all, some things I noticed about Germans: no one is staring at phones. Everyone rides bikes - mostly cruisers with kickstands and barely locked up. They are big rule followers. They seem to require very little policing and are generally very respectful people. They love super cheesy t-shirts, especially if the F word is on them... read more
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