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  • Chad Kraus - Kraus Sippy
  • Chad Kraus - Kraus Sleeping
  • Chad Kraus - Jason Locke with the double decker Krausburger (1 brat burger + 1 beef burger = hardcore)
  • Chad Kraus - Chad and I reppin the KB
  • Chad Kraus - Krausburger 1 comment
  • Chad Kraus - Cedric representin the krausburger with the mustard K

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Kraus is gone but the burger lives on

Today was Chad Kraus' last day at Pioneer... weird. So here's a little story of him and his time here... He started the same day I did almost a year ago. The punk actually got the job I applied for, hehe whatever, I write web apps (roxor)... read more
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Kraus and Saint Louis

Wow, what a weird day. It looks like Kraus (aka krausburger aka santa kraus) is leaving Pioneer to join the family business. The punk already bought a house down there on the water with a jetski lift... wtf? That'll be friggin awesome... read more
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