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Moms, Projects and Such

First of all, I am 2 for 2 in polk city, haha. I drove through there for the first time since getting pulled over and got pulled over again, haha. Same reason, same spot, different guy, he let me off. I'm done driving through that town. There is no crime! read more
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Don't EVER Answer the First Question

Tonight I got pulled over and I broke the FIRST FREAKIN RULE IN THE BOOK. The FIRST rule. I seriously about smacked my forehead right in front of the cop. I answered the first question he asked me. That question that you are never ever EVER supposed to answer... read more
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Pull over to the right next time!

One day, during my senior year in high school or so, Jeff Wingert and I decided we'd take a drive into town in my Celica. I needed some gas so I stopped at the Amoco on Route 84 in Rapids City to fill up. After getting gas I pulled out to make my way to the interstate which is probably a mile away or so. I was just driving along and when I started to get into the left hand turning lane for the on-ramp, I see a cop with it's lights on behind me. There was also a random fat guy sitting in his passenger seat that I couldn't make out... read more
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