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  • Drinks - Starting with a strawberry banana milk shake.
  • Drinks - Warmin that henney @ Alba
  • Drinks - Hangin at Muelle 7 with Kent
  • Drinks - Who needs some beer!?
  • Drinks - I see you're almost out of punch, would you like some more punch?
  • Drinks - Taking a Catamaran to Isla Mujeres. Rum punch in hand.

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The Beer List

I revamped the beer list that Nehru, Nick, and I have been working on. It now has our ratings, pictures, and comments for each beer. Plus it allows you to comment on/rate each beer. Check it out: http://www.broox.com/beer/ read more

The cAb Adventure is complete

A while ago I wrote that me a couple guys I work with started an "around the world" adventure at the cAb. I am the last of 3 guys to finish the journey, but now that it's all said and done, I have a good understanding of what kind of beers are good. You can see my picture, comment, and rating of every beer, here. You can see our collective ratings here. Also don't forget to check out Nehru and Nick's pictures and comments... read more
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