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  • go-ped - Pre-dinner scooter races
  • go-ped - Elizabeth decides to try the scooter with heels and a dress on
  • go-ped - Ridin the scooters
  • go-ped - Running some NYE errands and introducing my go-ped to the chi city streets
  • go-ped - Musa riding my go-ped
  • go-ped - Nathan grinding the scooter 1 comment

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go-peds... so much fun

Hey all, I just got a new toy yesterday. You probably know I'm into the extreme sport scene, and like to have all the toys. Well, I just ordered a Know-ped which is a scooter made by go-ped. It's not like those piddly little Razor scooters you all see. This is some heavy duty stuff! read more
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