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  • Homebrew - The consistency of the stuff that boiled over was like pudding. it was so weird.
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Des Moines Oktoberfest and Sushi Class

I forgot to mention, aside from tweets and photos, that Kari's parents were in town last weekend to visit and do some early birthday celebration for Kari. We started out saturday by brewing our first batch of beer since... last december (wtf). During our 10 month homebrew drought, we made some major plans to upgrade our process and do our first "full boil." So we spent most of the day running around and getting supplies for this fancy brew. We found everything we needed - except for 1 item... read more

Beer Pong Tires

Another weekend at home. This is getting a bit out of hand. So yeah, it was pretty laid back. Zach and Amy came over to play ping pong, eat pizza and hang out on Friday. It was a fun time... read more
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