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  • internet - How do people live like this?
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Anyone who's visited my personal website probably knows that it's pretty much just about telling my life story (filled with a ton of TMI, of course). Every thought I've had for the past 13 years is on here. Nearly every photo I've ever taken is here. Shit, if you want to know how much I slept, walked, or even what I weighed yesterday, it's all here. But over the past couple years, I've been thinking a lot about experiences and contextual stories... read more

Internet and AIM

Instant Messaging is one of the greatest inventions ever, it opens a whole new world of friends... literally. I recently got invited to, which is super dorky, but also super fun and addicting. The internet has also helped me meet several other people from around the world... example 1, Mart (a fellow soaper/skater): Derek R Brooks: you are a douche RG7420MC: You are an American Derek R Brooks: haha RG7420MC: Round one goes to Mart RG7420MC: Cheers Derek R Brooks:: you probably know more about the politics of my country than i do RG7420MC: Ahahaha read more