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  • Iowa State Fair - The hugest ice cream sandwich
  • Iowa State Fair - Sky glidin
  • Iowa State Fair - Among the trees
  • Iowa State Fair - What is a pickle dawg?
  • Iowa State Fair - This guy is really enjoying making this Taffy
  • Iowa State Fair - Fried PB&J on a stick

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Parties, Newton, Fair, etc.

Things have been pretty fun lately, busy again, but fun - and slowly becoming more insane. Friday night was Zach's housewarming party, which was quite nice. Saturday, Jeff and I made 2 batches of beer, which I'm pretty sure will turn out awesome. We were focused on these batches, I'm excited. Afterwards, we all went to Newton to celebrate Morris' 80th B-Day... read more

Another State Fair

Kari and I went to the Iowa State Fair again last night. It's still the same. Every year, we seriously do the exact same things, but whatever Kari loves it. Here's how it goes. You have to... read more
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