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Denver - Jason's Wedding

So after driving 40 MPH for 45 minutes on the interstate and then through 1 foot deep water, I'm back from Colorado. It was a really good time which leads to quite a bit to talk about, but I'll try to sum it up... On Friday I met up with Jason and a bunch of other guys for his bachelor party. We started out with a BBQ (where I ate the best marinated/grilled tenderloin that I think I will ever eat in my life). Then we piled into the 20 person Excursion and did a bar crawl around Denver... read more
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Jason's Basement: Inspired by my desk

Jason Reiter (a college buddy of mine that I haven't seen in like 4 years) just moved to West Des Moines and bought a really nice house with his fiance. I'm pretty geeked about it. I'll have someone to hang out with, snowboard with, and maybe get him into a few more extreme sports (i.e. skateboarding)He has an unfinished basement, so I'm gonna try to talk him into letting me build a mini ramp in it. I've spent the past couple hours working on plans for one... read more
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How I Broke My First Bone

One time back in 2001 I decided to go snowboarding with Jason Reiter. Prior to that, besides backyard snowboarding, I had only been snowboarding on a resort once. Some extended family of mine own a small ski resort in Illinois (Snow Star). Every year the resort would be closed on Christmas Day, however, they'd invite a bunch of family and close friends out for a Christmas potluck and day of skiing/snowboarding/sledding. So needless to say, I got pretty decent at skiing as a kid... read more
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