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  • Los Angelos - 1 of 7 of the 1967 GT 40 Mark IIIs
  • Los Angelos - Kari, Liz, and I - Driving
  • Los Angelos - Street in Beverly Hills
  • Los Angelos - I want one.
  • Los Angelos - Bryndon on his bike
  • Los Angelos - Bryndon at work

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Straight off the plane from L.A.

And I.. am.. ready to... rock. Alright to finalize the trip... read more
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We do this in the LBC kinda way

Alright, so yeah. We're staying in East Hollywood with Kari's cousin, liz. Right near the Church of Scientology, hehe. So here's sort of what's been going on... Saturday Night we ordered in Thai food then went to go see Bryndon at work... read more
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