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Conked My Head!

So, everyone is asking about it, I've told the story 1,000 times.. might as well get it down in a blog. It all started Saturday when we somehow forgot to eat more than 2 slices of pizza, walked all over Chicago, then partied. All of that combined... turned out to be a really solid recipe for low-blood sugar, which is no stranger to me and my family. My dad is hypoglycemic, and I'm pretty … Read more
13 years ago

Ouch. My body is lame.

So, last night was my first night of broomball. I missed the first 2 weeks due to being on vacation, so it was actually the 3rd night for most everyone else on my teams. ...yeah, that was plural - teams. See, last year we just had our rookie half-ice team, District 5. We were decent - especially for a first year team. We ended up .500 at the end of the season. Not bad. So at the end … Read more
14 years ago