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The Zachelor

So this weekend was Zach's bachelor weekend. Turbo, Rick, and Jake came up, we partied a lot, etc. It was a pretty crazy/good time. Rick pulled into the driveway Friday and barely said "hi" before he started pulling Coronas, chips, and salsa out of the trunk for Cinco de Mayo, haha. The rest of the night was fairly laid back - hanging out, rock bottom, etc. Saturday, we woke up, went to … Read more
16 years ago


blog, blog, blog. i hate not having time to blog, cause then i have to write these really long articles about a billion things - then everyone is all like, "that is long, i'm not reading that." it really bugs me when people don't blog. i like to know what's up, and then i don't do it - stupid. so yeah. last weekend kari's dad came down for his 50th birthday. the plan was originally to … Read more
16 years ago