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2021 - The Big Disappointment

2021 was the year that was supposed to be normal again. I really thought that we would get together and beat this pandemic, but nope. 2021 was somehow worse than 2020, at least for me. The disappointment was real. The depression was real. The loneliness was real. ... I was born and raised in the middle of nowhere and have always been sort of a lone-wolf nerd with close friends … Read more
6 months ago


I’m 40 now. Almost dead. So, as I approach my final years (RIP), I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past decade and what I want going forward. On my 30th birthday, I moved to Chicago to kick off a new, stressful, and fruitful trajectory in my life and career. In that decade, I took some risks, took advantage of some big opportunities, worked hard, had some big wins, lucked out, and … Read more
10 months ago