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2023 was expensive, but fun

2023 was a strange year. It felt gluttonous and hard to catch up, but it was always gonna be tough to follow the year of free boi summer. We had lots of good stateside travel, a couple annoying financial issues, and I accidentally bought a Bronco. We hosted fewer events and I made a conscious decision to only hang with folks who also invite us to things. This turned into spending time with new … Read more

Twenty Twenty Two

I almost didn't write a year-end blog because I kinda captured the year already, but ... 5 weeks late, I just wanna say that 2022 was one of the best years that I've had in a while. Most things have already been shared on my yearly stats page and blogs: I quit my job I got a hole-in-one I took 6 months off Oh, and we got a dog. But, I ultimately focused on myself and leisure and felt more … Read more