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  • Rich Ford - Excited to play
  • Rich Ford - Walking around. Missing Chad
  • Rich Ford - Really havin fun!
  • Rich Ford - Having fun
  • Rich Ford - Playin games with Willie Humphrey
  • Rich Ford - Hockey time

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My Bachelor Party Weekend

Omg, this weekend was totally crazy - I loved it. I wonder how long I would live if all my friends lived closeby... Anyway, Friday, Rich, Sean, Jeff, and Josh came into town for my bachelor party. We all headed up to Rico's to grill out, etc. They made an awesome meal for all 16 of us (it was a great base for the night we had - it definitely worked)... read more
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Tech N9ne, Rich's Birthday

This weekend was pretty unproductive, but definitely had some good times. Friday I drove out to Rich's for his birthday, and to see Tech N9ne of course. It was nice to see everyone, mitch, rankin, ben (somehow there are never pics of ben), and tons of other peeps that I don't really know that well. So first was Tech N9ne at Quad City Live. We got in free because apparently we knew someone that did some work for the owners... read more
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Riverbend Pizza

Riverbend Pizza is this awesome place that I worked at from the time I was 15 until sometime during my senior year of High school. Aside from mowing my grandma's lawn, it was my first real job - and it ruled... a lot. So here's a huge collaboration of some of my memories. This is going to be long and I'm not a terrific writer, so I'm sorry if it sucks... read more
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