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  • Road Rally - The Isiserettes drummers
  • Road Rally - The Isiserettes drummers
  • Road Rally - The Isiserettes
  • Road Rally - The Isiserettes arrive
  • Road Rally - An amazingly clean right hand drive Tommy Kaira Skyline
  • Road Rally - Lined up at the afterparty

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The Road Rally

Almost every time I talk about participating in the Mid Coast Road Rally event that I do in Iowa, I get asked what exactly it is. I'm sure there are different variations, but the one that Road Rally Charities puts together every year in Iowa goes like this... The event is full of cars ranging from Ford Escorts to Ferraris and on to giant SUVs. Each car has a driver and at least one passenger that acts as a navigator. We all meet at the designated kickoff point... read more

Filming the 2030 Road Rally

was a blast. It was pure chaos all day. Just driving around seeing people you "knew" in amazing cars all throughout the day. It was a good feeling for sure. Most of us were connected only by your love of cars and driving... read more
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