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My Bachelor Party Weekend

Omg, this weekend was totally crazy - I loved it. I wonder how long I would live if all my friends lived closeby... Anyway, Friday, Rich, Sean, Jeff, and Josh came into town for my bachelor party. We all headed up to Rico's to grill out, etc. They made an awesome meal for all 16 of us (it was a great base for the night we had - it definitely worked)... read more
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Rapping and Skating A Dong

Friday, Rich, and a kid from my H.S., Shawn Rankin, drove up for the Eightball and MJG concert. I wasn't going to go, because I've only heard a few of their songs... but by the time they got to my house I decided to go. Before the show, we all ate at Okoboji, where we saved some little kid from having a steak knife driven through his head. The show was at Val Air and was pretty awesome... read more
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