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  • Skating - I am super excited to see this project become a real boy. Side note: I have no idea how or why a ...
  • Skating - Good morning
  • Skating - It's Friday afternoon. It's snowing. Let's skateboard in the house.
  • Skating - Out cruisin and getting my balance back. Forcing spring to come. 1 comment
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  • Skating - House skatin

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Sprained/Hurt/Broken Wrist

Hmm, so I've done enough extreme activities and hurt myself enough times that I keep a couple of those wrist/ankle/knee wraps around - and today I'm wearing one, haha. Stupid wrists. See, Zach and I were skating last night for quite a while. I was finally starting to stick a couple grinds that felt super unnatural to me before. It was going well... read more
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Boom Boom Huck Birthday

Ok, so as everyone has probably heard 100 times, my birthday is being stolen by my sister's wedding, which is sweet. However, Kari is doing a pretty freakin awesome job of making up for it. Last night she took me to Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam. First of all Wells Fargo Arena just opened Tuesday, so this was the first event to come there... plus Kari got us 3rd row seats, basically right in the half pipe... read more
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