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  • Sprained/Hurt/Broken Wrist posted - 2 comments

    Hmm, so I've done enough extreme activities and hurt myself enough times that I keep a couple of those wrist/ankle/knee wraps around - and today I'm wearing one, haha. Stupid wrists. See, Zach and I were skating last night for quite a while. I was finally starting to stick a couple grinds that felt super unnatural to me before. It was going well... read more

  • Boom Boom Huck Birthday posted - 8 comments

    Ok, so as everyone has probably heard 100 times, my birthday is being stolen by my sister's wedding, which is sweet. However, Kari is doing a pretty freakin awesome job of making up for it. Last night she took me to Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam. First of all Wells Fargo Arena just opened Tuesday, so this was the first event to come there... plus Kari got us 3rd row seats, basically right in the half pipe... read more

  • B-days, Interviews, and Friends, Friends, Friends posted - 7 comments

    This weekend was supposed to be so chill, but then all of a sudden everything happened. I guess it was still pretty laid back, but a lot of visiting happened. I love visiting. Friday it was my cousin Gabe's 11th birthday. We met them at the Cheesecake Factory, which was different and better than I had planned... read more

  • Cornell Graduation, Renaissance, and Skating. posted - 1 comment

    3 day weekends for life, yo. So Saturday was Cornell graduation. It was alright... the speaker was insanely boring. I didn't see any of my old CSC professors, which was sad... read more

  • House, money, skating, business, success, happiness posted - 10 comments

    Man... Due to this lame cold weather I've been getting really bored which has caused me to do a ton of thinking lately (and way too many updates on this site). Watching Jason move into a 4 bedroom brick house in a nice neighborhood is really starting to take a toll on me. I have no freedom in this apartment. The lame brass door handles, and dining room light are really bothering me... read more

  • Christmas 2002... and my skateboard posted - 4 comments

    I know it's about a week late, but I got my final Christmas presents today. I definitely had a good holiday; got to hang out with friends/family at home and got some cool stuff. Here's a short list of what I got: 2 Gamecube games (Tony Hawk 4 and Mortal Kombat), Gamecube controller, lots of nice clothes, a remote contolled "Whoopie Cushion", and some other stuff... But my girlfriend probably got me the coolest gift, the green Shorty's Chadillac Muskalade Skateboard. On top of that, her parents got me a gift certificate to Scheels Sporting Goods so I could buy wheels n stuff to go along with the board... read more

  • skate with an 8 posted - 5 comments

    Lately I've started to really get into skating... both skateboarding AND inline skating. it's sort of a weird combination since they generally hate each other, but they're really quite similar, and so much fun.Anyway, I've learned 3 tricks on my skateboard. The first trick is a manual, which is just "riding a wheelie" on your skateboard. I'vealso recently learned how to do a pop shove-it, which is a trick where you jump and spin the board around under your feet and land back on it... read more

  • A good day posted - 7 comments

    So far, so good anyway... I went to check my mail and I had 2 package slips. So I went to the campus mail center and got my 2 packages. The first was from a contest that I surprisingly won at, which included a new set of grindking trucks (which normally cost $50), Rims bearing gaurds, Rocketbolts hardware, a shirt, and some stickers! Me next package was from a company called Heelys... read more