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  • Soap Shoes - Mallory and my car
  • Soap Shoes - Hung and backlit this DM skyline that chuck cut out for me
  • Soap Shoes - Framed my Soap chick poster
  • Soap Shoes - Soap shoes. 1 comment
  • Soap Shoes - Soap Sticker still there
  • Soap Shoes - Some of my old soap stickers are still hangin on

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Dallas, HSL, etc

Man, this was a long day. Kari and I got into Dallas at 11, then met Maddie for lunch. We checked out BJs brewery then toured the HSL offices. It was pretty awesome. I was like a kid in a candy store... read more
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Xtreme Nation Demos

So, I just got back from Saint Louis with Aaron, Zach, and Jordan... It was so much fun. Friday, I got on the tiny plane for my hour long flight to STL, haha. The plane was small enough to where we had to board from the tarmac, hehe. We stayed in Chesterfield, which is a lame lame town... read more
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All Hit 98.9 Interview

Back in college, I became sponsored by Soap Shoes which hilariously got me and my friends featured in YM Magazine. This clip is from an interview I did with a big radio station in the Quad Cities after it was published. Taken from TUESDAY ON ALL HIT 98-9'S MALIBU MARK MANUEL IN THE MORNING...One of the Quad City's very own is featured in the April edition of YM Magazine and we'll talk to him live...We'll dish out the dirt with Celebrity Poop at 7:20am...AND... Make sure to get those birthdays in on the Hit Lines at (563)355-9890 OR by email at DEREK BROOKS INTERVIEW: One of the Quad City's very own is featured in the April 2002 edition of YM Magazine... read more
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YM Article

YM found my old soap shoes site, and did a feature article on me and a couple of my friends for the April 2002 issue. I will have more information on this soon. But for now, go pick up a copy and check it out. The article starts on page 123. read more
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How I started with Soap Shoes

I guess I should start with the first time I started Soaping. I was at my buddy, Hugh Hermes' New Years Eve party my Jr year of High School. He had some Soaps and a practice rail so I decided to give it a shot. I fell really hard but loved the feeling of grinding. Anyway, about 2 years later in October of 1999 I wanted more soap stuff, mainly new grindplates... read more
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