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Tech Deck Dorks

Zach and I just put together this insanely dope Tech Deck edit. Some of the tricks we busted include: 50-50, kickflip, 5-0, 360 quadruple kickflip, 50-50 Impossible, 8 stair 5-0, rail transfers, 5-0 to bluntside, etc. There is also a guest apperance by the crocodile hunter, wrestling a live croc! Click here for the videoWarning: Graphic injury near the end of the video. read more
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Techdeck desk park: out of control

Jan 5, 2004 1:47 PM Seriously, this is getting out of hand. I had to move so many things around on my desk to get my tech deck stuff to fit in here... Check out my ramps and rails. I am so lame.I need to fill them with spray foam and attach them to my desk. Everything is hollow, so it's sooo loud... read more
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