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  • Weather - Bit of a storm on our way up to Hoshinoya
  • Weather - Ready to be home
  • Weather - Beatin the storm
  • Weather - Sunsets n Storms
  • Weather - Storm's a brewin
  • Weather - Gonna race this stormfront back to Des Moines

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Snow and a Long Weekend at Home

Whoa buckets, this weekend ruled. I stayed home and really had a lot of fun with wifey. It basically started Thursday afternoon when my internet died. Nick and I had just launched some new features at our alive sites (mainly user accounts and a mobile site); I'm pretty excited about it. Now we're starting a semi-secret project with a couple other dudes in Des Moines... read more

Lightning, Tornados, Floods, Bow Fishing

I usually try not to write unless big things are happening... because blogs get annoying when people talk about every detail of their lives. But man so many things have already happened this week. Yesterday the road to was flooded over on the way to work. Stupid water... read more
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