Talon to Eclipse body kit conversion. posted

I get so many emails about this and I'm sick of rewriting it, so here is a small tutorial on how to convert your Eagle Talon to use Eclipse body kits. It's actually not too tough. Here's what you will need (parts):

  • eclipse tail lights
  • eclipse head lights
  • eclipse reverse lights
  • eclipse body kit (of course)
  • 15 feet of 12 guage wire

    I think that's pretty much it, however you might have to pick up some bolts here and there.

    The front bumper cover is kinda tough because it requires the most customization (if you're keeping the actual bumper on, otherwise it's easy). I decided to keep my front bumper in case I get into a wreck. To do this you'll have to cut the corners off of the actual bumper so your cover will go over it. You'll also have to take like a belt sander to sand some of the back of the cover off so that it will fit over the bumper. Once you get these things done it's just a matter of movin stuff around and tightening it down.

    The back cover was pretty easy, however there is no good way to keep the actual bumper on there, so I just took mine off. Once this is off, you'll have to raise 3 mounting brackets. The talon brackets are laid out like this ---____--- you can sorta see how this fits the back of a talon. The lights are above the 2 upper brackets and the license plate would be above that lower bracket. You will have to raise them all up (especially the middle one) to be level: ---------- The side brackets only go up like a half an inch or so. To do this I just took a power drill and drilled into the spot welds to get the bracket off. Don't drill all the way through, just deep enough to break the welds, and then pry it off with a hammer or something. Now, I'm not good at welding so in order to reattach them I just got some metal, self tapping screws to reattach the bracket. Simply put one where each hole was that you drilled out. Once this is done, the cover is quite a pain to get on, simply because the bolts are in the worst places.

    One thing you will have to do is get a wire tester and find out which wire in your harness is your reverse light. Once you find it, splice into that wire and extend it. (eclipse reverse lights sit lower in the bumper so you will need to accomadate for that). Then wire it to the eclipse lights that you bought and you should be good.
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