The Nova Edit posted

For those of you that don't know, my first car was a 1963 Chevy II Nova. Here are some pics and a short story to bring you up to speed.

Anyway, my dad and I completely restored the car, and while doing this we shot a lot of video. I've been meaning to put together a short edit for a long long time - I finally did it, and here it is.

Just a word of warning, this might be a little boring to some of you. But it's awesome for me. Even though I didn't get to drive it long, it was a great great experience.
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  • awesome video for an awesome car.

    zach posted

  • goddamn that was boring for me.

    harper posted

  • that was cool, wish I had more time,

    my son is 15 in 9 years, I'll probably do something like that, although not nearly as in-depth (unless I'm retired)

    No seatbelts? lucky

    Shane posted

  • When I was in high school, my friend's dad was restoring a 74 Firebird. Oddly enough, I think he had the same mustache and haircut as your dad.

    vanwinkle posted

  • Wow! That is awesome. I can't believe that you took that old video and edited into that! By the way, I think you should go get the old parts from mom and dad's house and build another one just like it. Awesome video!

    Bre'anna posted

  • I am training to become a cage fighter.

    Jeff posted

  • that was long did all of it take

    Marc posted