Theta Formal and Kari's Car posted

This year Theta Formal was in Dubuque on the Miss Dubuque dinner boat, which was nice... definitely something different than normal. It was funny because a few of the girls had just gotten back from a Carribean Cruise, so they thought that our small dinner boat was HILARIOUS.... it's a friggin dinner boat on the Mississippi and it costs $35 a person, what do you expect? It's sorta like how my car is really really funny to ride in after riding on a bus.... err... wait.

Anyway, while on the boat, I spilled a drink on myself and Kari spilled marinara sauce on her dress, we rule. After that we all went back to our hotel where we swam and hung out. It was fun and some of the thetas are 'slightly above average,' so that makes the 'not as fun' times more tolerable, hehe.

Yesterday we went to look at Kari's new car, which she will pick up tomorrow. Her dad told her that he would buy her a new car once she graduated college as long as she worked hard. So, she got a 2005 black Ford Escape Limited Edition. The car has 16 miles on it... which were put there during Kari's test drive. It's got leather, a 6+1 CD changer, Moon Roof, fog lights, V6, automatic 4WD, keyless entry, etc. Plus it doesn't have the off-colored plastic lower half like most escapes have. What a spoiled girl, ha. I think I'm gonna put a giant sticker on the back window... either a hatchetman, a split O (soapshoes logo), a heartagram, a number 3, or calvin peeing on something. I haven't decided yet. I think she will like it if I surprise her with it.
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  • i'm voting for one of those stickers that says "Bad Ass Girls Drive Bad Ass Toys"...or something like that

    nick posted

  • i'm voting for making it say, "JEFF"

    kevi posted

  • I vote for a sticker that says "Escapade" then a number 3 heart 24 right next to it.

    r00 posted

  • how about:

    - We are the proud parents of a child whose self-esteem is sufficient that he doesn?t need us promoting his minor scholastic achievements on that back of our car.



    Greg posted

  • (Clicked the submit button by accident)

    how about:

    - I Brake for Tailgaters.

    - My Other Ride Is Your Mom

    Greg posted