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I haven't blogged in a minute, but last night as I was sitting at Trans Siberian Orchestra, I decided to whip up a quick blog on my phone. So first, here's an update...

Nothing too big has happened. I've been hanging out, working, going out, and scraping ice/snow off everything.
If you haven't already seen, here are some pics from last weekend's randomness.
Oh, and I sold my car for not enough money... but whatever. It should finally be out of my garage next week.

So anyway, the real reason I'm blogging is to talk about my experience at the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Last night, Kari and I met Nick and Nicole at Dos Rios for dinner, which was good, filling, and not cheap. Then, we all had tickets to go check out Trans Siberian Orchestra - why not, right? It sounds like they can rock it.

The show started off good. Rockin, ya know. Then I got in trouble for having my camera... I didn't get kicked out or talked to or anything. I just got flashlights shined on me and a "NO CAMERAS!" It was pretty funny... and not really a big deal because I only had my Canon and it doesn't take amazing concert photos - especially now that the zoom stopped working.

Anyway, like I said, the show started good, but then it turned into absolute cheese. Horrible, horrible cheese. Like... I was trying to figure out ways to get kicked out or for my friends to be able to send bullets to my face via sms. It was bad.

See, I went into this show hoping for some Rhapsody of Fire type prod metal stuff. it wasn't that... It was a story with deep voiced narration between every song. I was not having a good time.

But then! Suddenly outta nowhere - after the musicians were introduced - it became amazing. Seriously amazing. Like it became production orchestral metal shit. It suddenly turned into the Rhapsody show I wanted. It was awesome.

The lights were pretty good too... but nothing compared to daft punk. or even that last NIN tour. Just lots of typical studio lights, lasers, fire, and fireworks... not much creativity - aside from the moving light trusses. Those were pretty rad.

So that said, there's some serious talent in the Trans Siberian Orchestra. They just need to cut out the deep voiced story telling cheese and add more metal, haha. I'm glad I went... I wonder what everyone else thought.
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  • Damn dude were you stoned or what?

    Josh posted